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Best zip-line tour in Manuel Antonio

Canopy Zip Line & Biological Park 

Discover the Thrill at Sukia Park - Canopy Tour in Manuel Antonio 🌳🌟

Welcome to Sukia Park, the epicenter of adventure and nature in Manuel Antonio! Immerse yourself in the excitement of our incredible Canopy Tour as you explore the pristine beauty of the Costa Rican jungle.

What makes our Canopy Zip Line Tour unique?

Unforgettable Adventure: 🚀

Experience the thrill of gliding through 10 different lines that take you across 16 strategically located platforms. From hanging bridges to optional waterfall descents, each moment is designed to provide you with a unique experience.

Connection with Nature: 🍃

Our tour immerses you in the natural beauty of Manuel Antonio. Discover the jungle through two natural trails, cross hanging bridges, and enjoy panoramic views from elevated platforms.

Complementary Experiences: 🦋🐍

After the excitement, explore our Butterfly Garden and Reptile Refuge. Marvel at the diversity of butterflies and discover fascinating local reptile species.

Why choose Sukia Park Zip Line Tour?

Why choose Sukia Park Zip Line Tour?

Safety: 🛡️ Our highly trained team ensures a safe and thrilling experience.

Strategic Location: 📍 We are located in the heart of Manuel Antonio, with convenient access from the main road.

Environmental Commitment: 🌍 Sukia Park is committed to preserving local biodiversity and contributing to sustainable ecotourism.

Book Your Adventure Now:

Reserve your Canopy Tour experience at Sukia Biological Park and discover the true essence of adventure in Manuel Antonio!

All in One Tour Package 

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“Amazing canopy Zip Line Tour. This was my favorite adventure tour in Costa Rica”

Mark Jones

“Wow wow wow!!

I was totally amazed by this tour experience”


“The best canopy tour in Costa Rica”

Bill Brown

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About us

We are Costa Rica Jade Tours, the premier nature and adventure tour operator in Manuel Antonio. Our specialized Canopy Zip Line Tour offers the best chance to experience the thrilling zipline adventure. At the same time, you explore and discover the exotic wildlife of Costa Rica, including sloths, birds, snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards, countless butterflies, and more. Our team of nature interpreters ensures a unique and informative experience you'll never forget!

As a team of passionate wildlife lovers, we guarantee that each tour is tailored to the individual interests of our guests.

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"Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better"

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Canopy Zip Line Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Costa Rica Jade Tours, Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica 

Canopy Zip Line Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
Canopy Zip Line Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

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